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The price of milk hormone analysis in the laboratory tower

The price of milk hormone analysis in the laboratory tower
All hormones in our bodies have functions and their increase and deficiency leads to an imbalance in these functions, and therefore we find that there is a group of analyzes conducted to know the level of these hormones in the body, and on the milk hormone or prolactin it is one of the necessary hormones within our bodies that increase and decrease lead to imbalance In some jobs, therefore, people seek to do milk hormone analysis in different laboratories. Here is our article about everything related to the milk hormone and the price of milk hormone analysis in the tower laboratories.

The price of milk hormone analysis in the laboratory tower
The price of milk hormone analysis in the laboratory tower

the milk hormone

The milk hormone or prolactin is one of the hormones present in our bodies produced by the pituitary gland in the brain, and the hormone prolactin or milk is responsible for the breastfeeding process as it is responsible for a group of vital functions in the body including strengthening the immune system, but we find that the increase or decrease of the milk hormone In the body it has risks to perform some vital functions in the body and therefore people are interested in the process of analyzing this hormone to know the results that result from an increase or decrease and trying to treat it.
This hormone, like any other hormone that has a natural ratio in the body, may increase and decrease, but with a small percentage, so it does not affect the functions of this hormone. If the hormone prolactin in the body increases or decreases from its normal level in large quantities, this leads to the occurrence of some symptoms, hence the need to Performing prolactin hormone analysis.
Milk hormone functions
Milk hormone is one of the hormones that have a large number of functions in our bodies. This is due to its great role in the following:
The milk hormone is responsible and to a great degree in controlling the offspring, which led to the name of the parenting hormone, so Minerals in human body that we find that increasing this hormone in men reduces fertility, and also leads to delayed puberty or ovulation in women.
We also find that this hormone increases significantly in the period of pregnancy to qualify for the process of breastfeeding, this hormone is a protein formed by the pituitary gland inside the bodies of mammals to work to secrete milk to complete the breastfeeding process that follows the process of pregnancy.
We also find that the prolactin hormone or the milk hormone in the body has a close relationship with the immune system, as the prolactin hormone works to strengthen the immune system within the bodies of mammals.

The natural level of the milk hormone

Each hormone in the body has a normal level, for example, given the milk hormone inside the body has its own level, and this level differs between women and men, and also differs among women in pregnancy and non-pregnant women, so we find that the natural proportions of the milk hormone in the bodies are as follows:
The normal ratio of the female hormone to a woman who is not pregnant is 20 ng. In this period, we do not need to increase the hormone benign because it is not needed in the breastfeeding process, as is the case with pregnant women.
As for the natural ratio of the hormone of milk in pregnant women, it rises to between 10 to 300 nanograms, so it rises a lot during that period to qualify for the breastfeeding process later.
As for men, the normal ratio of the hormone to milk is lower than for women, where we find that the ratio in men is less than 15 nanograms.

Symptoms of increased female hormone in milk

  • Some women have increased natural levels of the milk hormone even when they were not in pregnancy, and this leads to the emergence of a set of symptoms on them, so the symptoms come as follows:
  • The emergence of acne in females, and we find that acne has other reasons for its formation, but the prolactin hormone and its increase is one of the reasons that lead to the emergence of acne, so doctors ask those who have acne to carry out an analysis and examination to know the percentage of prolactin hormone in their bodies.
  • The appearance of thick hair on the face, which is what we find only in men, not women, but in the case of an increase in the prolactin hormone in women, this leads to the appearance of thick hair on the face.
  • Irregular menstrual period or complete interruption of the menstrual period, and this occurs greatly in postmenopausal women or women who have entered menopause.

Symptoms of increased male hormone in men

  1. It is natural that the natural proportions of the male hormone in men are less than that of women in large proportions, but sometimes we find high levels of the male hormone in men, and this matter is accompanied by the following symptoms:
  2. The occurrence of inflation in the breast, and this condition is rare in men. It only occurs in women, but with an increase in the prolactin hormone, we notice the appearance of this condition on them.
  3. Low incidence of facial or body hair.
  4. Imbalance in the vision and the constant feeling of headache, and we find that this symptom does not appear in men only, but in both sexes when it is present indicates an increase in the hormone prolactin.

Why is milk hormone analysis required?

  • In some pathological cases, we find that doctors ask for an analysis of the prolactin hormone from the patient, and this analysis is done to identify specific causes of the disease that differ with the different symptoms that appear on the patient and differ between men and women, but some of the symptoms that indicate the milk hormone analysis can be categorized as follows:
  • Menopause for menopausal women and the accompanying drought in the vaginal area.
  • Also, the irregular menstruation and the menstrual period in girls.
  • Lack of control over the amount of milk released from the breasts and falling spontaneously.
  • Infertility in men or in women.

The correct time to analyze the milk hormone

In order for sound results to appear more accurate than the milk hormone analysis in the body, it is necessary to know the appropriate time to conduct this analysis in order for sound results to appear, and that before performing the prolactin hormone process, women must follow a set of instructions.
As for the appropriate time, it is on the second or third day after the end of the menstrual period for women, and it is preferable that the analysis occur in the morning period.
As for the instructions to be followed, they are as follows:
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