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How much is a 3D sonar

How much is a 3D sonar
At this time, with the tremendous progress of everything that exists in the world, many pregnant women have become conducting what is known as a three-dimensional sonar, which is a test carried out by a pregnant woman under the supervision of a follower to get acquainted with the condition of the fetus and this examination is not done in all cases, but according to the condition of the woman And the situation that the fetus has, and we will address in this article the various topics on this topic, as it occupies many women as many doctors care about, and its price varies from one Arab country to another, so we will also address the price of the three-dimensional sonar procedure.

How much is a 3D sonar
How much is a 3D sonar

Some modes where 3D sonar is required

In the event that the age of the pregnant woman has exceeded 35 years, the rate of fetal deformity increases over this year.
That this pregnant woman has previous children suffering from birth defects and problems.
The family has a historical record of many of the injured.
That the woman is already suffering from some chronic diseases such as diabetes, and thus the situation becomes a danger to the fetus, therefore the sonar must be made to check on the condition of the fetus.
It should be done in the event that the woman lives in places that represent a danger to the fetus, such as those that contain coal or cigarette factories, and others.
In the event that the woman may have had an antidote but this happened unintentionally she must perform the sonar.
The 3D sonar should be performed in the event that the attending physician noticed a decrease or decrease in the amount of water around the fetus when performing a two-sonar.
When the doctor notices some suspicious or worrisome things, including the small or large size of the head of the fetus.
Inability of the pregnant mother to bear the movement of the fetus inside the womb.

The importance of making a pregnant woman a three-dimensional sonar

The 3D sonar should be performed in the event that the attending physician noticed a decrease or decrease in the amount of water around the fetus when performing a two-sonar.
The 3D sonar also gives a lot of information about the fetus through which the fetus can be diagnosed.
It also works to predict some of the congenital anomalies that may occur over time for the fetus, and also it is possible to discover some organs that will not have the ability to grow.
The triple sonar is more accurate in identifying the health of the heart muscles, so it is better than two-dimensional sonar.
It can also identify some of the problems and diseases that occur to the fetus later, and whether it can be overcome or not, as it shows if it actually causes health problems or not.

How much is a 3D sonar?

We also mentioned that the sonar prices differ from one Arab country to another, they also differ from one plant to another in the same country, and the true prices for mill labs can be known by direct communication with the laboratory and is considered one of the best laboratories currently present is the tower and laboratory lab and can communicate with both through direct communication Through the numbers of both of them, we will mention you the number of both of them:
Al Borg Laboratory 1991.
Lab Laboratory 19014

3D sonar to ensure your baby's safety during pregnancy?

We have found many women, but all of them are interested in knowing if the fetus that she is carrying suffers from the presence of birth defects and defects or not so every mother wishes a healthy child free from any diseases or birth defects that affect his life permanently after that and some doctors have responded to this even All pregnant women calm down and remove these questions from her mind about her child. The response was as follows:
Some doctors and specialists in this matter have clarified the most important ailments and the reasons that may lead to the birth of a mentally handicapped child or have some deformities and birth defects. The most important reasons responsible for this are as follows:
Many doctors have explained the importance of pregnancy at a young age for a woman, that is, before entering the age of forty, in order to avoid the occurrence of some risks to the mother and the fetus. Therefore, some doctors of the palace in-kind who specialize in this matter indicated the seriousness of this. Therefore, a pregnancy above 35 years of age should be avoided for women.

How much is a 3D sonar

Among the reasons that the doctors also approved is the presence of a genetic disease in one of the two families, whether the mother’s or father’s family. It is possible for this offspring to be inherited from the repeated diseases in one of the two families, so you should pay attention to this matter.
Some doctors have also mentioned the possibility of infecting the fetus with diseases and birth defects if this pregnant woman has children before and these children have some disabilities or those with special requirements and needs in this case the fetus may be pregnant with some deformities and birth defects.

Difference between 3D and 4D ultrasound

Some doctors have confirmed that a three-dimensional sonar is required to find out if a woman is carrying a child with some distortions and disabilities or not where the doctor can through this procedure know some information about the fetus through which he can know the condition of the fetus such as measuring and determining the size of the nasal bone of the fetus and also the size The neck of the fetus, with which I can identify many problems that may appear later.
After getting rid of these procedures, the doctor can perform a "double marker" test, and this test is very very important, as he is responsible for detecting the hormones of the bloodstream.

4D ultrasound

One of the most important results of the 3D sonar operation is the Double Marker test. Therefore, after obtaining the results of this test, the attending physician will know the fetus’s condition and health status, and that he already has birth defects or birth defects or free from all these diseases.
In the event of an uncomfortable situation in the fetus, another test should be taken to increase the assurance and reassurance, and this test is known as "Triple Marker". This test is taken by taking a sample of the water that exists around the fetus and conducting some of the necessary tests and analyzes. Once these tests and tests are completed, the doctor can make sure The presence of mental disabilities and birth defects accompanying this fetus or not.

And in the case of proving accompanying some diseases and congenital malformations of the fetus, sonar must be done again so that we can know and determine the type of malformations and disabilities that are actually associated