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Decozal nasal drop for adults and children

Decozal nasal drop for adults and children
With the changing temperatures in the summer and winter, we are often exposed to colds, influenza, sore throat and stuffy nose, which causes us to feel uncomfortable and able to breathe well. One of the most vulnerable people to catch colds is children, because their immunity is weak, and from here We immediately begin to search for the best medications that help us eliminate colds faster. When we go to the doctor, we see that we are prescribed some types of medications that help us get rid of that disease. Perhaps one of the most famous types of medications that the doctor prescribes for many patients with influenza Za is a drop Dakosal which corresponds to a drop Aotrevi Otrivin which is a drop taken through the nose and are of specific doses are prescribed by your physician.
But what is Decozal drop? What is the material manufactured for it ??
What are the appropriate doses for both adults and children?
What are the side effects and conditions when Decozal Drops are forbidden to use ??

Decozal nasal drop for adults and children
Decozal nasal drop for adults and children

Decozal nasal drop

Dicozal drop is one of the most famous drops that doctors as patients in cases of colds and influenza, it contains xylometazoline and its main goal is to get rid of nasal congestion as it works to narrow the blood vessels, and this medicine is produced by Oman Pharmaceutical Company and two types have been manufactured Of this one drop contains 0.1% - 0.05% and the lowest concentration for children and above it is the adult concentration.

Indications for the use of Decozal drops

  1. Decozal Drop has been shown to have many uses that help in treating:
  2. It works to treat influenza cases and severe colds for both adults and children.
  3. It works to theorize the nose easily.
  4. It treats dyspnea and swollen ducts.
  5. It treats colds and relieves sinus allergy.
  6. It treats mucous membranes that work as a stuffy nose and pharynx.
  7. Treats middle ear infections.

Decozal nasal drop for adults and children

Dosages are appropriate for both adults and children for Decozal drops
Dosage varies from one person to another, depending on the age and health condition that the patient is going through, but hypothetical proportions can be determined which are from 2 to 3 times per day every 10 hours and that is for a period ranging between 3 to 5 days only, as for the doses are as follows: -
For children and adults over the age of 12 years, the usual dose of 0.1% is taken for two days, and the dose is two or three drops in each nostril.
The dose for children from 6 to 12 years is taken with a dose of 0.05% and is two or three drops in each nostril for two or three days.
Children under the age of 6 years: a 0.05% decozal drop. The method of use is one or two drops in each nostril for three times a day.
It is forbidden to use the 0.05% dicosal drop for those less than a year old.
It is also forbidden to use the 0.1% drop for children under 6 to 12 years.
It is noted that the number of doses does not exceed three points and three days, so you must be careful in taking the specified dose and do not overuse it as it is possible that some problems occur in the heart such as an acceleration of the number of heartbeats and an increase in blood pressure which causes loss Awareness.

Side effects of Decozal drops

  • Each medicine has side effects, so you must be careful before taking any treatment. It is better to consult your doctor. You can also read the side effects of each medicine before taking it through the prescriptions inside it, which contain all of the medicine information, and so do not be surprised by some side effects. Which may appear to you suddenly when using the drops, then you should know the side effects that are caused by them: -
  • Urine retention, which causes flatulence and severe stomach pain.
  • Corrosion of the wall of the nose and mucous membranes.
  • Increased heart rate and high blood pressure when taking a double dose.
  • Severe headache and hallucinations.
  • Sleep disturbances.

Local irritation and burning

The side effects are more apparent on children because their body has the absorption property that helps in absorbing all medicines very quickly.
Using the drug for a period of 5 days may lead to an excessive contraction of blood vessels in the nose, which leads to many problems in the nasal mucosa.